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  • What is the meaning of Trigon Diamonds's name?
    Rough diamonds – diamonds that were not cut yet by man – have a triangular growth pattern that was formed after millions of years in the ground, these patterns are called trigon. Trigon Diamonds has deep roots in cutting diamonds and expresses it in its name.
  • Where can I try on Trigon Diamonds's jewelry in person?
    Trigon Diamonds new flag store location in the United States is located at: 3013 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89102.
  • Does Trigon Diamonds provide jewelry repair services
    Yes. At Trigon Diamonds you can leave your jewelry in the hands of our master-jeweler's hands and be rest assure that your jewelry will be almost good as new, when it will be returned to you.o add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • What Type of jewelry services and repair Trigon Diamonds offer?
    At TRIGON DIAMONDS we offer: Ring resizing Soldering Diamond/gemstone resetting Jewelry Cleaning Polishing Rerhodium Soldering Engraving Jewelry Design
  • Can I trade my old jewelry at Trigon Diamonds?
    Yes. You may trade your old jewelry for new jewelry by Trigon Diamonds.
  • Does Trigon Diamonds jewelry come with a warranty?
    Trigon Diamonds's jewelry comes with a 6 - 12 months warranty with every purchase
  • Does Trigon Diamonds buy jewelry from the public?
    Yes. Trigon Diamonds buy gold diamonds , jewelry and fine watches from the public.
  • What is Trigon Diamonds return and exchange policy?
    Jewelry and watches are accepted for store credit or exchange, if returned in saleable condition within 30 days, accompanied by a sales receipt. Some exclusions may apply.
  • Can Trigon Diamonds appraise jewelry not purchased from Trigon Diamonds?
    Yes. Trigon Diamonds's expert staff can appraise your jewelry even if it was not purchased at a Trigon Diamonds location.
  • Does Trigon Diamonds offers watch repair services?
    Yes. Trigon Diamonds offers watch repair and maintenance for almost every watch brand from battery replacement to complete inspection and refurbishing of the watch.
  • Can I purchase Trigon Diamonds jewelry online?
    Yes. You can purchase Trigon Diamonds's jewelry online. Just visit our online store on our website.
  • Does Trigon Diamonds do custom jewelry designs?
    Yes, Trigon Diamonds also does its own jewelry designs and can sit with you and design with you the one of a kind jewelry you have in your head.
  • Does Trigon Diamonds offer customers other precious gem stones?
    Yes. Trigon Diamonds offers a variety of wonderful precious gem stones jewelry, including Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds, and others.
  • Does Trigon Diamonds offers watches?
    Yes. At Trigon Diamonds you may find a collection of professionally refurbished luxury watches and new casual fashion watches.
  • Does Trigon Diamonds sell Rolex watches?
    Yes. At Trigon Diamonds you may find professionally refurbished Rolex Watches for men and women.
  • Does Trigon Diamonds offers financing options to its customers?
    Yes. Trigon Diamonds offers a couple of financing options to assist the customer. · Credit application · Layaway Option You may learn more about Trigon Diamonds's financing option at its flag store location.
  • Can I buy a stand alone diamond at Trigon Diamonds?
    Yes. Trigon Diamonds has a large selection of set and unset diamonds, that are available for our customers.
  • Does Trigon Diamonds offer Fancy color diamonds?
    Yes. Trigon Diamonds has a collection of natural fancy color diamonds including natural yellow diamonds, pink diamonds and others.
  • What is Made to Order?
    Made To Order items, are signature jewelry pieces that are made at a limited numbers and are hand made each time a jewelry is purchased. They require a waiting period of 4-6 weeks for the jewelry to be assembeled, by our master jewelers.
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