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Our Story is Your Story

I've been asked what is my favorite part of my job, and it has remained the same answer ever since I was a little kid going through my mom and grandmother jewelry boxes. Looking at the different rings, necklaces, bracelets and different pendant and charms they have collected throughout the years, some they purchased for themselves, some were gifts, some were highly valuable and some had less monetary value, but all had one thing in common, all had a story. The stories were from "just because I liked it" to stories of love and sacrifice.

Jewelry Box

One of my favorite stories is about a 18k yellow gold ring with white fresh water pearls set in a shape of a pyramid dome. It was purchase 50 years ago, by my grandmother when a jewelry designer showed my grandmother her collection, that day my dad accompanied her, she asked him what piece of jewelry he likes and he pointed on that pearl ring and said "this I like." Years later my dad saw a folder napkin in his mom's jewelry box and the ring was in it, he asked her why she hasn't worn the ring, she answered "it is not mine to wear. I bought it for you to give it to your future wife. And she will wear it." And so it was. These stories kept me going and open the jewelry boxes and ask about every ring and every pendant to see if the story is as good as the jewelry hints it might tell.

pearl ring, pearl earrings

18k yellow gold pearl ring and 18k yellow gold pearl earrings.

As I grew up and entered the diamond and jewelry business, the same excitement that I had about hearing the stories in my family's jewelry box, I have about the jewelry in the store. Every piece I see I imagine the story that it can tell: an 18k white gold ring with a 0.30 carat Round Brilliant diamond, is the ring that a hard working young man has worked hard to earn enough to buy it and give to his love who he wished to marry; or a 20 carat Cushion Cut Diamond ring is a gift from a well to do woman to herself. But the most interesting stories are the ones that I am actively taking a part in, as I get to know my customers and learn what they want and why they want it and then we design the jewelry together on paper, and together we're making the thought a reality. Once they hold the jewelry in their hands I know they have a story to pass on to their friends and family and of course to their next generation and they will tell the story on to their kids. That is what I like most about my job, about my diamonds, about your jewelry.

Gold heart necklace with garnet and pearls

An 18k yellow gold heart shape necklace. In the center is a rectangle cut Rhodolite Garnet. Accenting the gemstone and the pendant are irregular shaped fresh water pearls. The necklace was given to my grandmother on her wedding day, she passed it to her daughter-in-law (my mother) on her wedding day.

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