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Jewelry Gift Guide For The Holidays

The colorful lights and decorations indicate to me that the holiday season is upon us and so the excitement to find the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. You’ve decided to go with at least one jewelry gift this year, but which jewelry to gift that someone? No worries here are a few suggestions to make that jewelry gift a one to remember.

For the ladies in your lives it is recommended to go with the timeless classic jewelry styles that are must to be in every jewelry lover’s jewelry collection either it be a neck-wear, bracelet or earrings, the simple minimalist traditional jewelry design is a winning choice to give your girlfriend, wife, daughter, mom and any other significant woman in your life.


Solitaire Round Diamond Pendant

The solitaire pendant is the epiphany of timelessness and chic neck-wear. The minimalist look of the single stone - may it be a diamond or a precious gemstone - pendant is a look that works well with everyday casual days and with special occasions where dressing up is needed. This versatility of the jewelry assures that you will be always close in thought with your loved ones as they'll wear the pendant almost all day every day.

If you know they like a little bit more flash to their jewelry you can always go with the halo design of the pendant as the surrounding diamonds enhance the size of the diamond and sparks it gives by itself or if you went with a colorful precious gemstone the diamond halo compliments the color of the gem adding a little contrast and color play between whiteness of the diamonds and the vibrant color of the gemstone.


If you are considering to go with a bracelet you will find that the “Line Bracelet” or better known as “Tennis Bracelet” is a great choice. This design in its simplicity is as the name suggests is a straight line or a row of gemstones, most commonly known are the diamond bracelets, but it has many varieties, from having it made out completely from other gemstones like sapphires, emeralds, and rubies, or an alternating design of diamonds and colored precious gemstone to add color and have a different look to it.

What great in this simple design is that the bracelet can be a standout piece by itself or you can wear a couple of bracelet together to achieve a different more eye popping look; or it can also be complimentary to a watch.

Diamond tennis bracelets, Diamond line bracelet


Stud earrings are must in every woman’s jewelry box especially if she enjoys wearing her hair up and exhibit her face. The stud earrings adds an exciting sparkle to everyday tasks and special evenings. With studs earrings like with the pendants you have the additional option of going with a halo design this design will have change the look of the diamond to appear bigger from a distance and increasing the brilliance to your jewelry. This option might deter some because it might be “too fancy” and she might feel less comfortable wearing your gift everyday, don’t worry there’s a simple solution: “a Jacket” the jacket is a halo design that can be added and removed to the solitaire diamond earring giving you two looks and two totally different feelings in one gift.


Lastly if you’ve decided to go with a diamond ring that it’s not an engagement ring the eternity ring is the ring to gift, but a word of caution: You Must Know Which Finger She’ll Wear It On and Its Size; eternity rings cannot be sized up or down.

Like with the line bracelet you can choose an all diamonds ring, an all gemstones ring or an alternating ring. It gives a few options and even the possibility of stack-able combination as a fashion ring or as an anniversary ring or a wedding ring.

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