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Cleaning Jewelry at Home

When you want to clean your jewelry and give that ring its sparkle again and your diamond pendant its shine once more, but you don't have time to go to your jeweler, here are a few steps to clean your diamond jewelry:

What you'll need:

  • 2 bowls or 2 cups.

  • Strainer

  • Dish soap

  • Soft tooth brush

  • Massager

  • Rubbing Alcohol Solution

Disclaimer: this method should be used on gold jewelry with Diamonds and/or Sapphires. Use this process at your own risk.

Step One:

Pour warm water to a bowl/cup. Temperature should be warm to the touch, but not too hot. DO NOT USE BOILING WATER. Pour a couple of drops of Dish Soup and mix it.

Step Two:

Put your engagement ring, weeding band, bracelet or other diamond jewelry in the container and let it soak a little.

If you have a massager put it near the container close enough until you see the water moving.

This will allow the dirt that was collected on the jewelry to soften up and loosen up.

Step Three:

Gently brush the jewelry with your Soft Tooth Brush. Just as you do when brushing your own teeth.

Step Four:

Rinse the jewelry with running warm water over your sink to get any leftover soup or other residue off the jewelry – make sure to have a strainer, just in case a stone got loose.

Repeat Steps 1-4, until satisfied.

Step Five:

Pour some Rubbing alcohol solution to a cup/bawl just enough to cover the jewelry.

Put your jewelry in the rubbing alcohol, twirl it quickly in the alcohol and take the jewelry out. The alcohol will help disperse the water and leftover residue away from your jewelry and help it dry faster.

Step Six:

Wipe your jewelry with a soft towel.

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